Chinese Herbs

Some VIP’s of the Chinese Formulary

Chinese Herbalism is key component of Chinese Medical Therapy.  Chinese Medicine concerns itself with patterns of dysharmony. Quite naturally then, when it comes to correcting these patterns of dysharmony with herbs, the herbs are combined into formulas. It is very rare that a Chinese herb will be used on its own; Ginseng being a notable exception.

The Herbal Formulas presented here are combinations of herbs that have been used for many centuries to address the patterns of imbalance that happen to the human organism.  And while I gave them general headings,  such as pain relief, stress relief, etc, please understand that this is just to highlight some of the meta-function of the formula, and don’t be tempted to take the simplistic view as is so tempting to the western mind, that you can take a certain formula to alleviate a vague sort of category of illness. It requires professional consultation with a trained herbalist to identify the dominant pattern of disharmony.

Furthermore, patterns change with time and with seasons and there are complex relationships  among the systems, and for complicated cases it can be possible to use more than one formula.