Exploring The Roots of Wellness & Illness In The Modern World

We are living in interesting times indeed. We have split the atom, we have seen the once unseen microbial world, We live in a time of instant communication and endless information, yet disease stress and angst persists. I sincerely believe that everyone can benefit from the application of the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, which has a deep understanding of the development of disease based on thousands of years of professional observations. 
It is my goal with this website to help change the thinking we have in our society that disease is something that happens to us because of infectious bacteria & viruses or the genes we’ve inherited. But to make the point that we are intimately involved with our disease in our lifestyle, diet, our thinking, our emotional patterning, and furthermore that we as individuals are connected to the world as a whole and we possess tremendous potential for transformation, a potential that is all too often suppressed and denied.