Small Intestine Healthy People Don’t Need Medicine

Pathway of the Small Intestine Meridian

The small intestine meridian travels from the side of the pinky finger up the ulnar (pinky finger side) side of the arm, up the back of the forearm to the back of the shoulder crease, through the shoulder blade, up the side of the neck under the ear up to the area at the side of the cheek bone.

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Functions of the Small Intestine System

  • The small intestine receives the digested food from the Stomach.
  • The small intestine separates the clear from the turbid
  • The small intestine governs the humors of the body.
  • The small intestine governs urination

5-Element Associations of the Small Intestine System

The small intestine is associated with the fire element and is the yang to the yin of the heart.

Disease and imbalance are easily transmitted between yin/yang pairs. And conversely health and restoration can be accomplished by this relationship as well.